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Every time we drink a coffee, we talk about its quality. “It´s good”, “It´s not bad”, “This is how I like it!”, “It´s delicious!”... It is interesting, but we don´t usually do this with other drinks, because drinking coffee is a different experience. We know it… and so do you.


In El Patio Vertical, the most expert baristas of Madrid will make your coffee be something different. Besides, in El Patio Vertical we work with a 100% arabica coffee, a variety that comes from Ethiopia and grows in altitudes that are over the 800 meters, which determines its superior quality. 

Coffee, coffee… Yes, those that usually give off scents when you get into a place: a well-done espresso, a genuine cappuccino, and the best latte of the city… besides our own versions of the Irish coffee, the mokka, or the coffees with different syrups. Some people say that we serve the best coffee of Madrid… is it true?

You can come and taste it, because we are located just a few steps from many touristic places in the center of Madrid: very close to the Prado Museum, the Reina Sofía, the Caixa Forum and the Thyssen-Bornemisza. A coffee next to the Prado Avenue, where you can have a seat and relax.




It is characterized by its quick preparation and also by its more concentrated taste and texture.



With whole, fat-free, almond, soy or lactose-free milk.



With a little bit of milk; with or without foam.



With frothed milk and cocoa powder.

American Coffee


A mix of an espresso with a little bit of hot water.

“Bombón” Coffee


A coffee that is sweetened with condensed milk.

Viennese Coffee


A coffee that is covered with whipped cream.

Irish Coffee


A mix of Irish whisky (Jameson), sugar, coffee, and covered with whipped cream.



A coffee with frothed milk, and black or White chocolate syrup.

Iced Baileys Coffee


A cold espresso, milk, ice, Baileys and a touch of cinnamon.

Flavored Coffee


A coffee with milk, with vanilla or caramel flavor.

Our Coffees

Enjoy all the products of

El Patio Vertical wherever you want. Just come to the coffee shop and we will prepare your

coffee to take away. 

Lazy today? Don't wanna move? Your order from El Patio Vertical ready in minutes

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